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Here at Barriers Direct UK, our concrete and wooden bollards are super versatile, and come in different styles and designs to blend seamlessly with any surroundings. 

Here at Barriers Direct UK, our concrete and wooden bollards are super versatile, and come in different styles and designs to blend seamlessly with any surroundings. 

Our wooden bollards are ideal for providing extra guidance on pedestrian walkways. For added protection, check out our bollards with an illumination function, which switch on automatically in the dark. 

Alternatively, consider concrete bollards. Thanks to their tough material and minimal maintenance requirements, these are more sturdy and durable than wooden bollards. Unlike wooden bollards, concrete bollards can endure more extreme weather conditions, and they’re a reliable, permanent fixture for protection against potential vehicle impact.

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Wood and Concrete Bollards

Our range of wood and concrete bollards offers the best durability and minimal maintenance of any barrier device. These bollards are ideal for use in all kinds of environments. Their classic simplistic aesthetic blends in well with most landscape designs. Available in predominantly grey tones, they blend in well with both modern and traditional settings.

Concrete bollards are an ideal choice where there needs to be an effective demarcation between pedestrian walkways and vehicles. They are a permanent fixture and their solid nature ensures that in the event of an accident, vehicles are unable to get past this boundary and harm pedestrians.  This toughness makes them also ideal in even the worst weather conditions.

We offer the choice of solid concrete construction or steel reinforcement. Either option is still long-lasting and requires no maintenance. They come in rounded design to limit the risk of injury should they be bumped into. The exception to this is the cube 600 which is a box-like bollard that effectively blocks vehicular access while also providing outdoor seating areas.

These bollards offer the best value for money because of their longevity. Once installed, they can be expected to last generations and not require additional costs from maintenance. They are also likely to suffer minimal damage even in the event of a collision. To further limit the risk of injury, there is also the option of having a smoothened or non-smoothened finish.  This choice will likely depend on the aesthetic you desire. We also offer these concrete bollards in different sizes and heights. All are installed in concrete.

If looking for a unique option, the monoscape spherical bollards make for an interesting choice, particularly where there is a hard landscape scene. For areas that would benefit from additional lighting, we do recommend the use of our illuminated steel bollards. They come in a choice of either black colour or brushed stainless steel finish. Also rounded in design, they have domed tops and are vandal and tamper-resistant. They are ideal for use in lighting and demarcating walkways, squares, marinas, and other public areas. The lighting they provide helps to enhance security and makes them more visible to road users.


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