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If you’re looking for the highest quality STRETCH/QUEUE BARRIERS, then look no further. Here at Barriers Direct, we have a wide range of belt barriers, for everything from crowd management to queue control purposes. Our belt barriers are really popular - easy to handle and a breeze to fit. 

In addition to belt barriers, we offer a wide selection of wall mounted retractable barriers, which can be fitted in several different ways and can be a sturdier and more permanent solution to the traditional belt barrier. Alternatively, till barrier units can offer order and organisation in larger indoor areas and establishments, such as for store queues.

Stretch Belt Barriers & Retractable Barriers

At Barriers Direct, we offer only the highest quality when it comes to stretch belt barriers. The use of belt barriers is often preferred thanks to their ease of transport, mounting and manipulation. They can be placed on top of traffic cones or posts or mounted onto the wall. This flexibility in design makes them ideal for use in a wide range of areas.

Our standard wall mounted belt barrier comes in a choice of either wall-to-wall, wall-to-post or post-to-post designs. The belts also come in a choice of either plain black or the more visible black-and-yellow stripe design. Our premium powder coated steel wall-mounted retractable safety barriers come with a ‘Qb’ damping and locking system that prevents the tape from rewinding too quickly and the dislodging of the tape end. They come with a 2.3m retractable barrier tape that can come in a choice of five colours.

These wall-mounted devices are considered just as safe as the Tensabarrier posts thanks to their slower retraction and military-grade belt fabric.

The heavy-duty wall-mounted version of the same brand is well suited to use in high-traffic areas and comes with locking belt receivers to prevent accidental release of the retractable webbing. The same type of belt can also be used for post-to-post barriers. These Tensabarrier stanchion barrier belts come in a shorter 2.3m length to maintain the stability of the posts.

Tensabarrier midi wall-mounted barriers. These barriers have a high-visibility reflective webbing. This makes them great retractable safety barriers for use in a variety of situations, especially where visibility is poor.


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